Visit to Ecole Cave’ E’le’mentaire & French Academy of Sciences

Visit to Ecole Cave’ E’le’mentaire & French Academy of Sciences
7 April 2016, Paris, France

MOSTI Secretary-General and delegation in the classroom

MOSTI Secretary-General and delegation visit to Ecole Cave’ E’le’mentaire

A visit to a primary school to observe a science lesson was arranged for the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia on 7 April 2012. Accompanying the Secretary-General were Academician Dato’ Ir. (Dr.) Lee Yee Cheong and Dato’ Dr. Samsudin Tugiman. The school located in the northern part of Paris has an enrollment of about 140 pupils with majority immigrant parents. The group was first briefed by the Director of the school on the pilot centre which houses various resources and materials which science teachers could borrow for their lessons. They were then brought to see a lesson on living and non-living things. The lessons clearly demonstrated IBSE in which children were guided to form their own conclusions after discussions with each other in their groups based on their observations of the characteristics of the entities that were presented.

A visit to the French Academy of Sciences at the Institut de France was also included in the itinerary of the Secretary-General, which took place after the visit to Ecole Cave E’le’mentaire on 7 April 2016. During the visit, the visitors were briefed by Prof. Yves Quéré on the history and development of the French Academy of Sciences whose premises goes back to the 17th century, as well as its publications and library.